A Commitment to Action: Our Impact Sourcing Pledge

Everest Group has pledged to dramatically increase the impact sourcing workforce—connecting hundreds of thousands of marginalized individuals to new jobs—by providing research and enablement tools, sharing best practices, and engaging enterprises, service providers, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in collaborative efforts. Everest Group’s Commitment to Action is to grow the impact sourcing market from its current level of 350,000 FTEs to half a million in three years.

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At the Clinton Global Initiative September 2022 meeting, former President Bill Clinton recognized Everest Group’s “Commitment to Action,” a proposal for “Enabling Inclusive Talent Models in the Global Services Industry.” Watch the video below as  former President Bill Clinton announces Everest Group’s commitment to address global employment challenges by advocating for impact sourcing.

Companies joining our pledge to grow the number of impact sourcing workers within the industry to 500,000 strong 

Recruitment and sourcing firms joining our pledge

Enterprises can join the commitment to support the impact sourcing workforce and make a difference

Everest Group is proudly walking the talk by availing of impact sourcing desk research services.

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What is Impact Sourcing?

Impact sourcing is when organizations intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people from marginalized communities while simultaneously meeting their business objectives. Impact workers come from groups that are economically disadvantaged, socially marginalized, under/unemployed, and/or have other unique factors which have excluded them from decent livelihoods. Women and unemployed youth form the largest segments of the impact sourcing workforce.

Globally, businesses are desperately looking for sources of talent that are highly engaged, stable and deliver quality work with low attrition rates. Meanwhile, governments and social development agencies are eagerly trying to enable decent work and livelihoods to lift economically excluded communities. The concept of impact sourcing arose at the intersection of these two needs.

Lifting Marginalized Communities and Fighting Poverty with Impact Sourcing

Everest Group’s Commitment to Action focuses on three stakeholder groups: employers or service providers, enterprises that buy their services, and enablers. Enablers are organizations that provide support and incentives by devising job-readiness programs and influencing policies and regulations. Everest Group pledges to promote and track the inclusive talent model of impact sourcing with robust research; provide enablement tools and how-to guides to employers and buyers; engage enablers; and share best practices

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