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Everest Group brings you fact-based insights and expertise with a 360-degree perspective that enables you to make strategic engineering services decisions.

Our deep insights into user expectations, technology trends, sourcing models, and service provider capabilities guide your organization toward engineering innovation. We offer expertise in software, embedded, mechanical, manufacturing, and network engineering domains – cutting across the entire product life cycle.

We help to solve challenges and steer engineering leaders in the right direction.

  • Identify the right engineering service providers for your needs
  • Discover what your peers are investing in
  • Determine how you can grow faster than your competitors

Our engineering services expertise

Software product engineering services

Software is the largest segment of engineering spending and continues to grow in relevance as platform-based business models take center-stage across product- and services-centric industries.

The rapid pace of softwarization and its rising business relevance necessitates a well-planned approach toward these initiatives. Our expertise across technology, talent, service provider capabilities, and operating models helps simplify your softwarization journeys.

Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services

The shift towards softwarization is impacting every aspect of the engineering and R&D process – from the design and development of products to manufacturing. Engineering leaders are, therefore, under immense pressure to integrate technology into products to enhance customer experience and realize differentiation while, at the same time, improve processes to accelerate time-to-market.

Our expertise helps you consider the technology solutions, providers, products, and talent to simplify your journey. Learn more about our engineering services and problem-solving approach for deeper insights and the tools to make the right decisions.

"Everest Group's insights enabled informed decisions to expand our stake in engineering services outsourcing. Your expertise was critical to achieving our growth objectives."
- Private Equity Investor

Ways to engage with us

Data, insights, and benchmarks

For those with the resources and skills to advance their journeys, yet would benefit from external intelligence and expertise to inform their strategies.

Strategic workshops

For those who need an intense effort to develop a strategy or make a decision in an accelerated period of time.

Guided execution

For those who can design and drive their journey but need consistent support in advancing outcomes.

Our latest thinking

Engineering Services

Engineering Services in 2024: The Market Outlook and Commercial Trends

ES Price Benchmarking Catalog 2024
Market Insights™

ES Price Benchmarking Catalog 2024

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Market Insights™

Impact Sourcing Talent Distribution Delivery Footprint

Our engineering services experts

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