Outsourcing – effective management of vital processes that make a company operational and enable business units to concentrate on successful, sustainable growth

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Foundamental four

Effective outsourcing is the intersection and management of four areas.

Solution model

Solution model is based on the output required, the process model (activities vs.  functional vs. end-to-end), the role of people (e.g., self-service, judgment), and degree of customization

Talent and location model

The talent and  location model considers required skills, supply and demand of skills, the role of geographies in delivery (hubs, spokes, etc.), and the distribution of resources across locations

Technology model

The technology model addresses the role of technology in delivering the solution and level of customization, the level and type of automation to offset talent requirements, and the type of technology

Sourcing model

Sourcing model considers the relative roles of internal and external models (segmented, hybrid, etc.) and the type of type of external model (e.g., outsourcing, MSP, contractors)


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2020 Enterprise Key Issues in Global Sourcing: Setting Course When Uncertainty Rules Supreme

Despite positive conditions such as a historically high stock market, low unemployment, and high interest rates ― market uncertainty continues to impact industry optimism.



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