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What is impact sourcing?

Impact sourcing is socially responsible business process outsourcing, and it’s igniting the path forward for organizations to spearhead inclusivity and reap substantial business benefits in the process. It allows global enterprises to discover talent by intentionally hiring and providing career development opportunities to communities with high potential but limited employment prospects – and prioritizing suppliers that do so.

Everest Group has committed to help organizations around the world dramatically increase the number of jobs provided to workers in marginalized communities and lift communities out of poverty through impact sourcing – while providing businesses with access to the best talent with high levels of reliability, productivity, and engagement. Our Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action is to grow the impact sourcing market from its current level of 350,000 FTEs to half a million in three years. Learn how you can participate in Everest Group’s Commitment to Action.

Impact sourcing is an out-of-the-box way of thinking for enterprises to gain business value by bringing business process services (BPS) and IT work to underemployed communities creating work and career paths, offering better pay, and providing work experience. Today, impact sourcing specialists span the globe, creating livelihoods for a wide range of marginalized communities.

With the global services industry naturally being people-driven at its core, Everest Group is in the perfect position to advocate for human capital development through impact sourcing. Our strategic and practical insights deliver enterprises with the knowledge power to utilize strategies and unlock benefits like:

  • Untapped talent: finding qualified, trained talent with skill sets aligned to match client needs
  • Engaged employees: achieving lower attrition rates and higher corresponding levels of employee engagement and productivity
  • Social responsibility: creating opportunities to fulfill corporate social responsibility and diversity objectives while operating within a traditional BPO framework
  • Low cost: gaining significant cost savings with low turnover

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The benefits of impact sourcing

Our fact-based research and in-depth assessments explore and substantiate the benefits of the impact sourcing model for business process service delivery.

Untapped talent

Qualified, trained, untapped talent pool with skill sets aligned to match client needs.

Engaged employees

Lower attrition rates and higher corresponding levels of employee engagement.

Social responsibility

Opportunities to fulfill corporate social responsibility and diversity objectives, while operating within a traditional BPO framework.

Partnerships and associations

The Rockefeller Foundation

Supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, we have conducted in-depth assessments on the impact sourcing model around the globe using a fact-based business case that explores and substantiates the benefits of the IS model for business process service delivery.

Global Impact Sourcing Coalition

As a member of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC), we are partnering with GISC, as they lead the world’s largest companies to build a more inclusive global supply chain.


We worked with ACDI/VOCA to conduct a 12-week study in six cities in Colombia with leading companies, training organizations, ACDI/VOCA, and ANDI. Download a brief summary of the business case.

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