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Sustainability Insights

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Sustainability Insights: Advancing the Possibilities for People, Planet, and Profits

If you could see what we can see, you would feel optimistic about sustainable business opportunities.

As a research firm, Everest Group gathers valuable sustainability insights by actively listening to our clients and organizations worldwide. Through these engagements, we’ve realized that to compete effectively in global markets, businesses need sustainability insights at the heart of their strategy.

Everest Group delivers sustainability insights that organizations need to know to make confident decisions.

Our focus lies in finding compelling business cases that enable organizations to make a positive impact while seeing business profit.

We put sustainability initiatives in motion by aligning enterprises with the right providers and partners and offering strategic guidance where sustainability meets Talent, Technology, and Services.

Follow us as we reflect on major global sustainability events worldwide. Learn more 


Our Latest Thinking

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Navigating the Summit: Tech’s Role in Achieving the World Economic Forum’s 2024 Vision

Edge Model

“IT in a Box” Edge Model: The Next Frontier of Edge Computing

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A Bright Start at COP28: Progress and Pledges for a Sustainable Future with Technology as a Key Enabler

Impact Worker vs Non Impact Worker Attrition Rates
Market Insights™

Impact Worker vs Non Impact Worker Attrition Rates

Impact Sourcing Talent Distribution Delivery Footprint
Market Insights™

Impact Sourcing Talent Distribution Delivery Footprint

Impact of Gen AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) on Impact Sourcing
Market Insights™

Impact of Gen AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) on Impact Sourcing and Challenges to Their Adoption

02-22-2024_Impact Sourcing_GTP_1200x628

Impact Sourcing: Empowering Communities, Transforming Business, and Creating Long-term Impact

1200x628 Creating Accelerated Value in a Dynamic World

Key Issues 2024: Creating Accelerated Value in a Dynamic World

10 31 2023 Trends Shaping the Talent Market in 2024 GTP 1200x628

Trends Shaping the Talent Market in 2024: How Enterprises Can Create a Competitive Edge

"In a world of talk, it’s important to focus on a practical path."
- Peter Bendor-Samuel, Everest Group CEO
"Through Everest Group's support, we gained a better understanding of the sustainability services market to help us plan our future investments better."
- Leading IT service provider
The Evolution of Sustainability within Organizations:
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Sustainability Insights: The right resources to guide you on your journey

ESG initiatives in sourcing

Everest Group opens the door for sourcing and procurement teams to find business value through ESG and sustainability insights and responsible sourcing.

Technology innovation for sustainable development

Innovative technology enables solutions to sustainability challenges, powering inclusive social impact, making industries more efficient, and transforming the way business is done.

Impact sourcing

Impact sourcing helps companies access skilled yet under-utilized talent, contributing towards sustainability goals and creating business benefit while making improvements to communities.

Everest Group’s Commitment to Action

Learn about Everest Group’s pledge to increase the impact sourcing workforce, connecting hundreds of thousands of marginalized individuals to new jobs. Everest Group’s Commitment to Action is to grow the impact sourcing market from its current level of 350,000 FTEs to half a million in three years.

Sustainability Insights: The #EGresponsible Series

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